Pine Table Partners helps organizations improve environmental performance to create business value.

We believe in a simple premise: Businesses that strategically address energy, climate, and sustainability opportunities will outperform the competition, today and tomorrow.​

Pine Table Partners can help you ...


Cut costs

Risk Reduction

Reduce risk

Employee engagement

Retain and attract talent

Profitable progress

Capture opportunities

... while improving the purpose and resilience of your business.

Some of the tools and methods we use to realize the benefits include:

Energy audit
  • Energy and Resource Efficiency Analysis

  • Design for Circular Economy

  • Setting science-based footprint targets

  • Materiality Assessment

  • Megatrend Forecasting

  • Scenario Planning

  • System redesign

  • Sustainability Reporting

  • Organization Design

  • Proactive Engagement and Training

Taking it to the next level
  • Opportunity Matrix

  • ROI and ROSI (Return on Sustainability Investment)

  • Partnership Development